About Us

About us

Who we are

Women’s Global Empowerment is our Paramount, we are leading change!

Our worldwide conversation is being rebuilt and transcendental moment to be leaders. Their reinvention must be strengthened to achieve their own empowerment to make women around the world invincible!

Our mission is to help women to become leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and strengthening them to achieve their integral growth and facilitating the conditions for the promotion and development of their talents, ideas and dreams.

We guide women and Latinas around the world to achieve Positioning, Action, and Leadership.

Now at our “Women Economic Forum Silicon Valley convention,” we are pleased to be able to help women with our platform that includes educational programs in finance, technology, leadership, access to working capital, among others.

To all of you, representing countries and communities, I would like to entrust the commitment of pursuing this unconditional message of “Moving Forward without hesitation towards EQUALITY for all.”

Let’s be a role model for all the children, specially future women generations of all races, colors and nationalities.


Leadership Team

Maria Fernanda Reyes

Founder & President at AdoptaHero CEO and Founder FarmX

María Rios


Irma Sánchez

Managing Director at *Women Economic Forum Silicon Valley, and president of the *Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India Western USA Chapter.
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